Divine Liturgy

The Divine Liturgy of the Holy Orthodox Church is the sacred rite by which the church as the "assembly of God" celebrates the mystery of the Eucharist. This title for the Eucharist is derived from two Greek words "theia" and "leitourgia". The word "theia" means pertaining to God, therefore divine. The word "leitourgia comes from two words — "leitos" which means the people, and "ergon" which means work. That is the work of the people or a public service act or function. Dr Luke Cooper active parishioner of Saint Sophia Cathedral has compiled materials from the writings of the late theologian Alexander Schmemann of ENGLISH TRANSLATION OF THE GREEK LITURGY with in-depth commentary and explanation. Study this material and you will appreciate the JOY OF THE ASSEMBLY ...THE EUCHARIST.

Divine Liturgy (Downloadable PDF)